Psalm 1

William Helder, © 1980

  1. How blessed is the man whose walk is not
    In evil counsel which the wicked plot,
    Who does not stand where sin its pleasure offers
    And will not take his seat among the scoffers;
    But his delight is in God’s cov’nant law:
    By night and day he ponders it with awe.
  2. Behold, the righteous man is like a tree
    Which by the streams yields fruit abundantly,
    Whose leaves are green and shall not fade or perish;
    In all he does, the righteous one shall flourish.
    But wicked men are not like him, for they
    Resemble chaff that winds will drive away.
  3. Their downfall and destruction is at hand:
    The wicked shall not in the judgment stand,
    Nor sinners in the righteous congregation.
    The LORD our God shall judge their generation;
    He watches o’er the way of righteous men,
    But doomed forever is the way of sin.