Psalm 1

William Helder © 1980, 2000

  1. How blest is he who shuns the path of sin
    And does not heed advice of wicked men.
    He will not seek the company of scoffers;
    To him their sneering pride no pleasure offers.
    But in the law of God is his delight;
    He meditates on it both day and night.
  2. Those who the precepts of the LORD obey
    And from His good commandments do not stray
    Are like a tree which, planted by a river,
    Is lush and green: its leaves will never wither,
    And it in season yields abundant fruit.
    So they will thrive, whatever their pursuit.
  3. Not so the wicked! For like chaff are they—
    Like worthless chaff. The wind blows it away.
    When judgment comes, they’ll stand condemned and humbled,
    Cast out from where God’s people are assembled.
    The LORD will guard the pathway of the just;
    The way of sinners leads to death and dust.