Psalm 10

Douglas Wilson, 2000 ©

  1. Why do you stand far off, O God, my LORD?
    And why in times of trouble do You hide?
    The wicked in their hate cannot afford
    To spare the poor from persecuting pride.
    Let them be caught as all their schemes collide.
    He boasts of lust which from his heart arises;
    He blesses greedy men, and God despises.
  2. The wicked gloat, and in their pride of face,
    Will not seek after God or think of Him.
    Their ways are always grievous to His grace,
    And all His judgments seen as blurred and dim.
    They scoff at coming dangers fell and grim,
    As in their hearts they say they can’t be shaken,
    And claim they cannot be in troubles taken.
  3. Their mouths are full of cursing and deceit,
    And under their vain tongues is mischief wrought.
    Their words seek ways soon to defraud and cheat;
    They lurked from alleys and from hiding sought
    The blood of innocents; the poor are caught.
    They lie in wait; their nets are laid down slowly;
    They set their traps; they scheme to catch the lowly.
  4. They crouch beside their traps and are disgraced.
    They wait to catch the poor by their own hand,
    And say within their hearts, “God hides His face,
    He has forgotten us; our schemes will stand.
    For God will never see what we have planned.”
    Arise, our LORD and God, bring your salvation
    And save the humble from humiliation.
  5. Why do the wicked thus condemn the LORD?
    Why do they think He will not judge their sin?
    Our God has seen it all and lifts His sword;
    God marks the mischief and the spite within
    Their evil hearts- His judgments soon begin.
    O God, the wicked scorn all true repentance.
    The fatherless rely upon your sentence.
  6. O God, come down and break their evil arms.
    Seek out their sins and chase them all away.
    The LORD is King, and freed from all alarms
    We rest in Him; the heathen fade away.
    O LORD, You always hear the humble pray
    As You prepare their hearts for Your own blessing.
    You hear their cry and judge all vain oppressing.