Psalm 101

Dewey Westra, 1961, & William Helder, 1980

  1. LORD, I will sing, the praise of justice voicing;
    Uprightness is the theme of my rejoicing.
    A song of loyalty and blameless ways
    To Thee I’ll raise.
  2. I’ll wisely tread the pathway of perfection.
    When wilt Thou come, O LORD, for my direction?
    I’ll walk within my house with blameless heart,
    From sin apart.
  3. No base and worthless thing will I have near me,
    And all apostasy I hate sincerely.
    Those who in secret other men defame
    I’ll put to shame.
  4. The proud of eye and heart I will not suffer,
    But to the faithful I will friendship offer.
    The man who walks in all integrity
    Shall wait on me.
  5. Deceitful men shall from my presence vanish,
    For liars I will from my household banish,
    And those who spread their tales of slander shall
    Not with me dwell.
  6. To all the nation I will justice render;
    I will destroy the criminal offender,
    And every day Thy city’s peace, O LORD,
    Will I safeguard.