Psalm 101

William Helder © 2003

  1. LORD, I will worship You with great rejoicing,
    My praise of righteousness and mercy voicing.
    Of steadfast love and justice I will sing
    To You, my king.
  2. The path of blameless living I will ponder.
    When will You come to me, lest I should wander?
    I’ll walk within my house from sin apart,
    With upright heart.
  3. Things base and worthless I will not have near me.
    The faithless and their deeds I hate sincerely.
    I shun all evil. No disloyalty
    Shall cling to me.
  4. If one should secretly his neighbour slander,
    I will not fail to silence the offender.
    Proud hearts and haughty eyes I cannot bear
    And will not spare.
  5. Those who are faithful, without guile or malice,
    I will appoint to serve me in my palace.
    No liar and no scandalmonger shall
    In my house dwell.
  6. The wicked I will punish without pity,
    Of evildoers rid God’s holy city,
    And each new day those who still jeer and scoff
    I will cut off.