Psalm 101

Dewey Westra, 1931

  1. Lord, I will sing with rapturous rejoicing,
    Thy justice and Thy lovingkindness voicing;
    A joyful Psalm, Jehovah, I will raise
    Unto Thy praise.
  2. I’ll wisely tread the pathway of perfection;
    When wilt Thou come, O Lord, for my direction?
    I’ll walk within my house with perfect heart,
    From sin apart.
  3. No wicked thing or slanderous accusation
    Shall stand before mine eyes with approbation;
    No hateful doings of apostasy
    Shall cleave to me.
  4. The forward heart will I not suffer near me,
    All evil things will I abhor sincerely;
    All who in secret at their neighbors scoff
    Will I cut off.