Psalm 101

Bert Witvoet, 1985

  1. I praise your justice, LORD, with my thanksgiving;
    Your mercy and your love guide all my living.
    I will obey you, live in purity.
    Stay close to me.
  2. I hate the deeds of faithless men and women;
    I shrink from those who twist the truth within them.
    All those who slander, those who proudly scoff
    I will cut off.
  3. I will regard the faithful in your nation,
    That they may share my place of habitation.
    Then people who avoid all treachery
    Will serve with me.
  4. All evildoers from my house I banish;
    From God’s own city wicked ones will vanish.
    May every shrewd deceiver be undone:
    Let God’s rule come.