Psalm 105

W. van der Kamp, 1972; rev.

  1. O thank the LORD with great rejoicing,
    His deeds among the peoples voicing!
    Praise Him, His wondrous works proclaim
    And glory in His holy Name.
    Let those who seek Him praise the LORD,
    Their hearts exulting in His word.
  2. Turn to the LORD, who fails us never,
    And seek His face, His strength, forever.
    Recall the wonders He has wrought,
    The righteous judgments He has taught.
    Remember these, you chosen ones,
    O Abraham’s offspring, Jacob’s sons!
  3. He is the LORD, our God unfailing,
    His judgments everywhere prevailing.
    He will remember and uphold
    His covenant made in days of old.
    The steadfast words He did command
    A thousand generations stand.
  4. Firm stands His word to Abraham spoken,
    His oath to Isaac, never broken.
    His everlasting covenant
    With Israel God will not recant.
    He said, “To you this land I give,
    That as My heirs you there may live.”
  5. When few in number and neglected
    They by the nations were rejected,
    And when they wandered far and wide,
    The LORD remained their faithful Guide.
    So none His people could oppress;
    Kings could not curse when God did bless.
  6. He said, “Touch not whom I anointed,
    Nor harm the prophets I appointed.”
    When famine came on God’s command
    And hunger ravaged Canaan’s land
    In breaking every staff of bread,
    The LORD had sent a man ahead.
  7. Sold as a slave and torn by anguish
    Did Joseph far in Egypt languish;
    Forgotten and with irons chained,
    There in a prison he remained
    Until the king about him knew,
    And then the LORD’s word proved him true.
  8. The king called Joseph and released him,
    His prophecies and counsels pleased him;
    He made him master of the land,
    Gave all he had into his hand,
    To guide his princes on their course,
    To show his elders wisdom’s source.
  9. Then Israel with kin and cattle
    Went down to Egypt there to settle.
    Rich blessings did the LORD bestow;
    He made them stronger than their foe,
    Whose hearts He turned till they did treat
    His chosen servants with deceit.
  10. The LORD sent Moses as their savior
    With Aaron, whom He chose to favor,
    And through their words He wrought for them
    Great wonders in the land of Ham.
    Deep darkness covered it by day,
    Yet they did not God’s word obey.
  11. He turned to blood both stream and river.
    To frogs did He their land deliver;
    They into inner chambers went.
    Then swarming flies and gnats He sent.
    Their fields and orchards hailstorms lashed;
    Throughout the land the lightning flashed.
  12. Their fig trees and their vines were shattered,
    Their fields by swarms of locusts battered,
    Devouring fruit and foliage green
    Till there was nothing left to glean.
    The LORD in anger raised His hand
    And smote the firstborn in the land.
  13. With silver and with gold provided,
    They went, by God their Shepherd guided.
    How glad was Egypt when they left;
    Of all its pride it was bereft.
    God spread a cloud and gave a light
    To point the way by day and night.
  14. The winds brought quails when they did crave them;
    Abundant bread from heav’n He gave them.
    Out of the rock God’s mighty hand
    Made rivers flow in desert land;
    His promise, made to Abraham,
    He kept and safely guided them.
  15. God led them forth with joy and singing,
    Their voices with His praises ringing;
    He gave to them the nations’ land,
    Filled with their fruit His people’s hand,
    That they might serve Him all their days.
    O Israel, to the LORD give praise!