Psalm 108

William Helder © 2005

  1. My heart is steadfast, O my God.
    Your mercy I will ever laud;
    Your name I will in song extol,
    Make melody with all my soul.
    Awake, O harp and lyre, awake,
    For I will urge the dawn to break.
    I’ll sing Your glory to the nations,
    Your praise among their populations.
  2. Great is, O God, Your steadfast love,
    Far higher than the heav’ns above.
    Your faithfulness soars to the skies.
    O God, above the heav’ns now rise;
    Reveal Your splendour and shine forth
    Your glory over all the earth.
    Now show Your might and save Your nation;
    To those You love, grant liberation.
  3. Our mighty King, the God of grace,
    Has spoken in His holy place:
    “All Succoth’s vale and Shechem’s land
    I will divide as I have planned.
    All Gilead belongs to Me;
    Manasseh is My property.
    My helmet: Ephr’im, strong defender.
    My scepter: Judah, firm commander.
  4. “My foes I with My taunting sting:
    At Edom I My sandal fling;
    I Moab as My washbowl claim.
    In Palestine I shout my fame.”
    God, who but You can be our guide
    To Edom, so well fortified?
    But You have cast us off in anger
    And with our armies march no longer.
  5. To us again Your favor show;
    Grant us Your aid against the foe.
    Uphold us as none other can,
    For worthless is the help of man.
    Our God will crush the enemy;
    With Him, we’ll gain the victory.
    Our proud oppressors He will humble,
    Tread on their necks and make them tremble.