Psalm 11

W. van der Kamp, 1972

  1. In God I take my refuge. Why then say you,
    “Flee like a bird that to the mountains wings.
    For, lo, the wicked bend the bow to slay you;
    They fit their sharpened arrows to the strings;
    They shoot in secret those who rightness cherish.
    What can the righteous who to justice clings
    Still do if the foundations fall and perish?”
  2. The LORD does from His holy temple see this,
    And from His throne He judges wrong and right;
    All men will hear then what His just decree is.
    God hates those who in violence delight.
    Their lot is storm and brimstone fiercely burning.
    The righteous LORD shall favor the upright;
    They shall see Him for whom their heart is yearning.