Psalm 113

William Helder © 1980, 2006

  1. Come, praise the LORD! His might acclaim!
    Let all His servants praise His name,
    Both now and evermore adore Him.
    From where the sun begins to rise
    To where it sets in western skies,
    Let all with praises come before Him.
  2. God far above all nations dwells;
    His glory heav’nly heights excels,
    For who compares in might and splendor
    With Him, the LORD, who from His throne
    On earth and on the heav’ns looks down?
    Let all to Him their praises render.
  3. God saves the needy from disgrace
    And lifts them to an honored place
    Among the princes of His nation.
    His favor makes the barren spouse
    A joyful mother in her house.
    Praised be the LORD with exultation.