Psalm 114

W. van der Kamp, 1961

  1. When Israel escaped from Egypt’s reach,
    And Jacob’s house from people of strange speech,
    The earth in terror trembled.
    God’s sanctuary Judah then became
    And Israel His dominion, in the Name
    Of Him, their LORD, assembled.
  2. The waves rolled back, the sea fled at the sight,
    The Jordan turned its waters back in fright;
    Dread came on all creation.
    The mountains shook and skipped like frightened rams;
    The hills were tottering and hid like lambs
    In fear and consternation.
  3. Why so afraid, why do you run, O sea?
    And Jordan, why do you turn back and flee
    At Israel’s vindication?
    Why, mountains, do you skip like frightened rams?
    Why, hills, are you upset like shivering lambs
    In fear and desolation?
  4. Tremble, O earth, before the LORD, and fear,
    For Jacob’s God in glory did appear
    On Horeb’s holy mountain.
    He turns the rock into a sparkling stream;
    The granite cliffs He makes with cascades gleam
    From newborn spring and fountain.