Psalm 118

William Helder, 1972 ©

  1. O come with thanks, God’s goodness praising;
    His firm and steadfast love endures.
    Let Israel and the house of Aaron
    Proclaim His love forever sure.
    Let all who come to Him in worship
    Be in His steadfast love secure.
    Come to the LORD with your thanksgiving;
    His everlasting love endures.
  2. I cried to God in my affliction;
    He answered me and set me free.
    The LORD Himself is my protection.
    What can a man then do to me?
    On all my foes I look in triumph;
    With God I face them fearlessly.
    I’ll put no confidence in princes;
    The LORD, He shall my refuge be.
  3. I was surrounded by all nations,
    But I subdued them in His Name;
    And though they swarmed like bees around me,
    I beat them down like thorns aflame.
    I was hard-pressed and close to falling;
    To my support the LORD then came.
    He is my song and my salvation;
    His strength is evermore the same.
  4. Hear in the dwelling of the righteous
    Their joyful songs of victory:
    “The LORD’s right hand is high exalted,
    The LORD’s right hand does valiantly!”
    I shall not die, but live, and praise Him;
    In song His deeds my theme shall be.
    Although the LORD has sorely chastened,
    He has from death delivered me.
  5. I’ll thank the LORD; now let me enter.
    Unlock the gates of righteousness.
    The righteous shall here be admitted,
    For this indeed the LORD’s gate is.
    I thank Thee, LORD, that Thou hast heard me
    And rescued me from my distress.
    Thou hast become, LORD, my salvation;
    All those who seek Thee wilt Thou bless.
  6. The stone the builders had rejected
    Was chosen as the cornerstone.
    This marvelous act, most unexpected,
    The doing is of God alone.
    This is the day the LORD created;
    Now let us sing with joyful tones.
    Grant us prosperity, we pray Thee;
    O LORD, save those who are Thy own.
  7. Blest he who in the LORD’s Name enters!
    We bless you from the house of God.
    He is our strength and our salvation;
    The LORD has shed His light abroad.
    Bind festal off’rings to the altar;
    With sacrifices bring Him laud.
    Shout forth your joy within His temple.
    O praise the LORD, for He is God.
  8. Thou art my God; I will extol Thee.
    Thou, mighty LORD, hast rescued me.
    For Thy unfailing love and mercy
    I offer now my thanks to Thee.
    O thank the LORD for all His goodness,
    For most compassionate is He.
    His steadfast grace and loving-kindness
    Endure through all eternity.