Psalm 119

David Koyzis ©

  1. How blest are they whose way is without blame,
    who walk within the law the Lord has given.
    Blessed are they who follow his command,
    and, shunning evil, seek him with their whole hearts.
    Doing no wrong, they follow in his ways.
    You have commanded that we keep your precepts.
  2. May all my ways be steadfast in your word.
    Then I will not by shame be overtaken,
    keeping my vision fixed on your commands.
    So with a faithful heart I'll ever praise you,
    when you have taught me all your just decrees.
    I'll keep your statutes; please do not forsake me!
  3. How can the young keep pure in all their ways?
    Only by living as your word directs them.
    My heart has sought you; let me never stray.
    Your word within my heart has found a dwelling.
    Praises are due to you, O LORD above.
    Teach me to keep the law that you have given.
  4. My lips recount the laws your mouth declares.
    I take great joy in following your statutes,
    much as the rich rejoice in their great wealth.
    Upon your precepts I, while meditating,
    consider and delight in your decrees;
    O that your word I might not be neglecting.
  5. *       *       *       *
  6. Your word is as a lantern to my feet,
    lighting the pathways stretched ahead before me.
    I've sworn an oath to keep your righteous ways.
    Now I am troubled and greatly afflicted;
    LORD, give me life according to your word!
    Accept my offerings; teach me all your statutes.
  7. Though I may take my life into my hands,
    yet will I not forget the law you've given.
    Faithful I'll be amid the wicked's snares.
    Your precepts are my heritage for ever,
    bringing great joy and gladness to my heart.
    My heart will ever keep true to your statutes.