Psalm 119

Clarence Walhout, 1980

  1. Blessed are those who heed the law of God,
    Who seek to do no evil or injustice.
    They are the LORD’s who walk in all his ways.
    O help us, LORD, to follow your commandments.
    With upright hearts we strive to do your will.
    Forsake us not; we want to learn your precepts.
  2. How can the youthful keep their actions pure?
    By taking care to honor all your statutes.
    I will not wander from the ways of God.
    With all my heart I seek your truth and justice.
    I always keep your word within my heart;
    I meditate upon your perfect goodness.
  3. Open my eyes that I may see your law.
    Your faithful truths are all that I delight in;
    O do not hide them from my sight, O God.
    I do but wander if you do not guide me;
    My soul is longing for your righteousness.
    LORD, be my counselor and patient teacher.
  4. Protect me from the arrogant and proud;
    They scorn and laugh at those who seek your pleasure.
    Sometimes I am depressed and sad at heart;
    Revive my soul according to your precepts.
    Melt sorrow; put false ways far from my path.
    Give me again your gracious understanding.
  5. Teach me, O LORD, the way that I should go;
    I will obey and to the end be faithful.
    Incline my heart to trust your promises.
    Renew my life and turn my eyes from evil.
    Keep me from selfish gain and vanity.
    I find delight in keeping your commandments.
  6. Let steadfast love come ever, LORD, to me;
    Send your salvation even as you promised.
    Then I can answer those who challenge me.
    I speak the truth when I uphold your precepts;
    Your word gives confidence and liberty.
    I’m not ashamed to cherish your commandments.
  7. Your word renews my life and gives me hope;
    It offers strength and comfort in affliction.
    I shall not turn my heart against your will.
    Hot indignation seizes my emotions
    When I see those who scorn your ancient laws.
    Your statutes fill my pilgrimage with singing.
  8. You are my portion, LORD; I come to you
    With firm obedience and with bold entreaties:
    Be merciful according to your word.
    I hasten and do not delay my footsteps.
    Though wicked bind with ropes, I will obey.
    I join with those who know your love and goodness.
  9. You have dealt well with me, your servant, LORD;
    Now give me wisdom to respond uprightly.
    I went astray but now would keep your law.
    The godless smear my name with lies and slander.
    Hearts filled with hate, their words are edged with gold.
    Better by far are all your words and statutes.
  10. Your hands have made and fashioned me, O LORD.
    Let those who fear you see in me your goodness,
    For I have put my trust in your commands.
    When I have suffered, you have not been absent.
    Your faithfulness is my delight and stay.
    Let all who seek you heed your testimonies.
  11. My soul grows faint-when will you comfort me?
    My eyes are tired from looking for your mercy.
    I am a useless wineskin in the smoke.
    How long before you punish those who harm me?
    Save me, O God, from those who seek my life,
    For even in distress I love your precepts.
  12. Your word, O LORD, is firmly fixed in heaven.
    Your faithfulness endures through generations.
    You made the earth; it waits upon your will.
    If I had not acknowledged your commandments,
    The wicked surely would have cut me off.
    I ponder all your good and perfect precepts.
  13. Oh, how I love your law, my God and King!
    By day and night it is my meditation.
    It makes me wise, it is my constant friend.
    Sweeter than honey are your words and precepts;
    Sweet to my taste the laws that you have made-
    They give new joy and turn me from false pathways.
  14. Your statutes are a lamp to guide my feet,
    Your righteous laws a light upon my pathway.
    Illumine me according to your word.
    Accept my praise, O LORD; teach me your precepts.
    Though wicked foes set snares to catch my feet,
    May your word be my heritage forever.
  15. I hate, O LORD, all those with double minds,
    But love your law and know it will uphold me.
    You are my hiding place and my defense.
    Depart from me, you cunning evildoers;
    You are as dross in God’s refining fire.
    He treasures those who follow his commandments.
  16. What I have done is just and right, O God.
    Do not abandon me to my oppressors;
    Be to your servant certainty for good.
    Act now against all those who break your statutes.
    I hate the paths of those who shun the truth;
    More than fine gold I cherish your commandments.
  17. Your law, O LORD, gives light and life to all,
    And to the simple it gives understanding.
    With open mouth I pant for your commands.
    Keep my pace steady; shine your eyes upon me.
    Teach me your law; be gracious unto me.
    My eyes shed tears because your law is broken.
  18. Righteous and just are all your statutes, LORD;
    Your promises have all been proven faithful.
    I am distressed when foes forget your law.
    I am despised and lowly, full of anguish;
    Yet I do not forget your righteousness.
    Grant me the grace to stand and walk uprightly.
  19. With my whole heart I call to you, O LORD;
    Answer me, save me, hear my voice of weeping.
    I rise before the dawn and cry for help.
    I meditate throughout the long night watches.
    LORD, in your gracious judgment quicken me,
    For your commands are light and truth forever.
  20. From my affliction, LORD, deliver me;
    Defend my cause and save me from destruction.
    Renew my life according to your word.
    Salvation is denied to those who hate you,
    But those who seek your justice will be blest.
    LORD, grant me mercy, for I love your precepts.
  21. When rulers persecute without a cause,
    My heart remembers all your words of promise,
    As one who, finding treasure, stands amazed.
    Seven times a day I praise you for your justice.
    Great peace have those who love your law, O God;
    They cannot stumble if they do your bidding.
  22. O let my cry be heard by you, O LORD.
    My lips will speak your praise and sing your goodness.
    Be ready with your hand to strengthen me.
    Like a lost sheep I long for restoration.
    O let me live to sing your praises, LORD.
    Your law delights me; LORD, be my salvation.