Psalm 12

David Koyzis ©

  1. Help us, O Lord, for none remain that love You;
    Truth has departed from humanity.
    Speaking deceitfully to one another,
    False people utter words of vanity.
  2. Ruin awaits the tongue that smoothly flatters
    And all whose mouths are filled with insolence.
    Those who in haughty words seek their protection
    Find that their boasts afford them no defense.
  3. "For all the weak who suffer from oppression,
    For those whose need is great I will arise."
    Thus says the Lord, "My safety will I grant them
    And ease the burden of their mournful sighs."
  4. God's holy Word is sure and ever steadfast,
    Faithful His cov'nant to all humankind;
    His promises are pure as finest silver,
    Unalloyed silver seven times refined.
  5. Maintain us, Lord, forever in Your keeping;
    Guard and defend us from this evil horde.
    On every side the wicked seek to harm us,
    While roguish men are held in high regard.