Psalm 12

Marie J Post, 1983

  1. Help, LORD, for those who love your truth have vanished.
    Are there trustworthy persons far or near?
    It seems that all speak lies and flatter neighbors.
    No one these days is honest or sincere.
  2. Do not deal gently with such lying people.
    Destroy all those who boast and have no shame,
    whose bragging lips reflect a heart of evil.
    “No one can stop our speech,” these liars claim.
  3. God knows the poor have been oppressed and ruined.
    God knows the needy groan and gives them care:
    “Now I will grant the safety that they long for.”
    Our God will hear and answer every prayer.
  4. The promises of God are pure as silver-
    As pure as silver seven times refined.
    Though all the wicked flourish and be honored,
    God will protect his own; the LORD is kind.