Psalm 12

W. van der Kamp, 1972

  1. Help us, O LORD, the godly all have vanished;
    Gone are the faithful who Thy judgments seek.
    Men lie to one another, truth is banished;
    With flatt’ring lips and double heart they speak.
  2. O may the LORD cut off the lips that flatter,
    And those who say, “Our tongue makes us succeed!”
    Hear how in vanity they proudly chatter,
    “Our lips are ours, what master do we need?”
  3. Because they all despoil the poor and needy
    I will arise and right My people’s wrong;
    I hear their groans and will destroy the greedy,
    And grant My own the rest for which they long.
  4. The words of promise which the LORD has spoken
    Are purest silver seven times refined.
    His covenant stands from age to age unbroken;
    He is our God, in truth and faith enshrined.
  5. O LORD, protect us from this generation;
    Forever save us from their ways of sin.
    They strut about, and vileness in the nation
    Do they exalt among the sons of men.