Psalm 12

Douglas Wilson, 2000 ©

  1. Help, LORD, Your law the godly cease to savor,
    The faithful fail among the sons of men.
    Men all speak vanity each to his neighbor,
    With flattering lips and double hearts they sin.
  2. The LORD will judge all tongues that love to flatter,
    And He will sever every prideful lip.
    Judge those who think to triumph through their chatter,
    Who say they have no lord and cannot slip.
  3. The poor are pressed and struggle in their sighing.
    Our LORD will rise and bring them safely through.
    The wicked press and crowd, the poor are crying.
    Our LORD will save; His promises are true.
  4. The words of God are pure, like silver tested,
    Refined in fire and tested seven-fold.
    You keep Your saints, they cannot be molested.
    The wicked strut when godliness grows old.