Psalm 120

William Helder © 1972, 2006

  1. I seek the LORD in my affliction
    And cry to Him for my protection:
    “O save me, LORD, from lips that slander,
    From tongues that will to falsehood pander.”
    Deceitful tongue, what shall He grant you,
    And with what more shall He present you?
    Sharp arrows from a warrior’s bow
    And burning charcoal’s red-hot glow!
  2. Woe me! Behold my tribulation,
    For Meshech is my habitation;
    Near Kedar’s tents I’m forced to wander,
    Where treacherous tribesmen kill and plunder.
    Too long I have with those resided
    Who hate all peace and who deride it.
    I am for peace, which they abhor;
    Thus when I speak, they are for war!