Psalm 121

William Helder © 2000

  1. I lift my eyes unto the hills.
    In all my grief and fear,
    From where will help appear?
    The LORD His promises fulfils-
    He who made earth and heaven;
    His help is freely given.
  2. He will not let you slip or fall,
    For He is at your side
    And will support provide.
    The keeper of all Israel
    Will guide and guard you ever;
    He'll sleep or slumber never.
  3. He is your shelter on the way,
    The shade at your right hand
    In a forsaken land.
    The moon by night, the sun by day
    Will never harm or hurt you;
    The LORD will not desert you.
  4. All evil strikes at you in vain;
    The LORD will keep your life
    Secure in woes and strife.
    When you go out, when you come in,
    The LORD will fail you never
    But keep you safe forever.