Psalm 121

Dewey Westra, 1931; rev.

  1. Unto the hills I lift my eyes.
    From where comes all my aid
    When troubled or afraid?
    The LORD shall to my help arise,
    He who made earth and heaven:
    His aid is freely given.
  2. Your Keeper slumbers not, nor shall
    He cause your foot to fail
    When dangers you assail
    Lo, he who keeps His Israel
    Will neither sleep nor slumber:
    Nought shall your life encumber.
  3. The LORD your Keeper is for aye,
    A shade on your right hand:
    You shall securely stand.
    The moon by night, the sun by day
    Shall not afflict or smite you,
    But with their radiance light you.
  4. The LORD will guard and keep you when
    You meet with harm or strife:
    He will preserve your life.
    When going out or coming in,
    The LORD will you deliver
    From this time forth, for ever.