Psalm 123

Dewey Westra, 1931; rev.

  1. To Thee, O LORD who dwellest in the height,
    My eyes look up for light.
    Lo, as the eyes of servants, when neglected,
    Are to their lord directed,
    And as a maiden’s glance for favor lingers
    Upon her mistress’ fingers,
    Thus, too, our eyes look to our Master’s face
    Till He provide us grace.
  2. O LORD, our God, grant us Thy grace again,
    Grant us Thy grace again,
    For, lo, our ears are full of man’s derision
    At our estranged condition;
    Our soul is sated with the scorn and chiding
    Of those at ease abiding,
    And of the proud who in their vanity
    Regard us haughtily.