Psalm 124

The Psalter, 1912

  1. Now Israel may say, and that in truth:
    If that the Lord had not our right maintained,
    If that the Lord had not with us remained
    When cruel foes against us rose to strive,
    We surely had been swallowed up alive.
  2. Yea, when their wrath against us fiercely rose,
    The swelling tide had o’er us spread its wave,
    The raging stream had then become our grave,
    The surging flood, in proudly swelling roll,
    Most surely then had overwhelmed our soul.
  3. Blest be the Lord, Who made us not their prey;
    As from the snare, a bird escapeth free,
    Their net is rent and so escaped are we;
    Our only help is in God’s holy Name,
    Who made the earth and all the heav’nly frame.