Psalm 126

William Helder © 2006

  1. When Zion was at last restored,
    Brought back from exile by the LORD,
    It seemed to us as if we dreamed.
    How glad were those He had redeemed!
    Our mouths were filled with loud rejoicing;
    We laughed and cheered, our rapture voicing.
    Then other nations, too, confessed,
    “The LORD His own has greatly blessed.”
  2. In His enduring faithfulness
    The LORD did wondrous things for us.
    With shouts of gladness and delight
    We gloried in His deeds of might.
    Again, LORD, grant us restoration,
    As in the Negev’s desolation
    The rain-filled streams turn arid sand
    Into a green and pleasant land.
  3. Let those who sow their seed in tears,
    Beset by anxious cares and fears,
    At harvest time no longer weep,
    Rejoicing in the crops they reap.
    The sower going forth in sorrow
    To carry seed to field and furrow
    Will with his sheaves come home again,
    Exulting in the golden grain.