Psalm 129

W. van der Kamp, 1972

  1. “They have oppressed me sorely from my youth.”
    O Israel, make this your song forever;
    “They have oppressed me sorely from my youth,”
    Yet they have not prevailed against me ever.
  2. “They ploughed my back as if they ploughed a field;
    Long furrows drew those enemies who hound me.”
    The LORD is righteous; He, my strength and shield,
    Has cut the cords with which the wicked bound me.
  3. May all those who hate Zion be brought low.
    Put them to shame, LORD. Crush them by Thy power.
    Make them like weeds that on the housetops grow,
    That, dry and withered, die before they flower.
  4. No reaper gathers those to have them threshed;
    Such worthless grass no binder cares to rescue.
    Those passing by will never say, “Be blessed!”
    And, “In the Name of the LORD God we bless you!”