Psalm 14

W. van der Kamp, 1972; rev.

  1. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
    They are corrupt, their horrid deeds they cherish;
    Not one of them does good, and just men perish.
    None calls upon the LORD, none sings His laud
    Or fears His rod.
  2. The LORD looks down from heaven’s holy throne
    To see if there are any that act wisely.
    O God, not one seeks Thee; they all despise Thee:
    See how the sons of men, to evil prone,
    Thy law disown.
  3. Will evildoers never understand?
    As though they ate their bread, so those who hate Thee
    Eat up my helpless people, who await Thee.
    They do not pray, but evil they have planned
    Throughout the land.
  4. See how they tremble, how they cringe with fear,
    For God is with the just in love unbounded.
    They wish to see the poor man’s hope confounded,
    But when he cries, however loud they jeer,
    The LORD shall hear.
  5. O Israel, you people of God’s choice,
    That out of Zion might come your salvation!
    When from their bondage God shall free His nation,
    Let Jacob sing and Israel rejoice
    With happy voice.