Psalm 141

W. van der Kamp, 1967

  1. I call, beset by wicked scoffing,
    On Thee, O LORD; make haste to me!
    O let my prayer like incense be,
    My lifted hands like evening off’rings.
  2. Set Thou a guard, O LORD, I pray Thee,
    To keep my mouth from evil’s lure,
    The doorway of my lips secure.
    Hear Thou my voice and come to stay me.
  3. Let none to evil deeds incite me.
    Keep Thou me from the company
    Of those who work iniquity,
    And let their dainties not delight me.
  4. In kindness let a good man scold me
    Or strike me, but let not instead
    Oil of the wicked touch my head;
    Let not their evil deeds enfold me.
  5. When to their judges they are given
    They shall, condemned, their misdeeds rue
    And learn, LORD, that Thy word is true.
    Against Thee they in vain have striven.
  6. For as a rock, all cleft and broken,
    So shall their bones, O LORD, be strewn
    There where the grave for them is hewn,
    When Thou in Thy great wrath hast spoken.
  7. O LORD my God, my eyes are toward Thee;
    I seek my refuge, LORD, in Thee,
    Make haste to come, to set me free,
    And let Thy might defend and guard me.
  8. Destroy their trap, LORD, do not fail me,
    And of my perils be aware!
    Let them be caught in their own snare,
    While I escape to praise and hail Thee.