Psalm 142

Author Unknown, rev.

  1. With all my voice to God I cry;
    I call upon the LORD Most High.
    Before His face my grief I show
    And tell my trouble and my woe.
  2. To Thee I pour out my complaint,
    For I am weak, my spirit faint.
    When cares with gloom encompass me,
    The path I take is known to Thee.
  3. They in my way have laid a snare.
    I look, but none sees my despair;
    I find no place of refuge near,
    No friend to whom my life is dear.
  4. O LORD, my Savior, unto Thee,
    Without a hope besides, I flee;
    Thou art my shelter from the strife,
    My portion in the land of life.
  5. Be Thou my help when troubles throng,
    For I am weak and foes are strong;
    Thy servant out of prison bring,
    And thankful praises I will sing.
  6. The righteous then shall gather round
    To share the blessings I have found,
    Their hearts made glad because they see
    How richly Thou hast dealt with me.