Psalm 145

Dewey Westra, 1961; rev.

  1. I will exalt Thee, O my God and King,
    And bless Thy Name forever as I sing;
    Yes, daily blessing Thee, I will adore
    And praise Thy holy Name for evermore.
    Great is the LORD and worthy of all honor;
    His greatness is unsearchable for wonder.
    His acts are praised by ev’ry generation,
    His handiworks acclaimed with veneration.
  2. LORD, the majestic glories of Thy state
    And all Thy doings I will contemplate;
    Yes, of Thy greatness I will tell at length
    And speak about Thy awesome acts of strength,
    Till men shall bring Thy goodness to remembrance,
    Sing of Thy righteousness with joyful reverence.
    Thou, LORD, art gracious, boundless in compassion;
    Slow is Thy wrath in dealing with transgression.
  3. LORD, Thou art good to all that dwell below;
    Thou in Thy works Thy steadfast love dost show.
    They all present to Thee their thankful praise;
    Thy saints shall bless Thee to the end of days.
    They shall recount Thy kingdom’s exaltation
    And praise Thy wondrous acts with veneration,
    That men may for Thy mighty deeds adore Thee,
    For they unfold Thy kingdom’s radiant glory.
  4. Thy kingdom shall continue without end,
    Thy sovereignty from age to age extend.
    Thou art a help and stay to those who fall;
    The lowly ones Thou liftest when they call.
    The eyes of all look unto Thee with reason,
    For Thou preparest food for them in season;
    Thou openest Thy hand in gracious giving
    To satisfy the needs of all things living.
  5. The LORD is just in all His will and way,
    And all His works His steadfast love portray.
    All men who seek His mercy find Him near;
    He satisfies all those who Him revere.
    He hears the cry of those who seek Him truly
    But shall destroy the wicked and unruly.
    My mouth to Him its praises shall deliver
    And all flesh bless His holy Name forever.