Psalm 148

Dewey Westra, 1961, & William Helder, 1980

  1. All praise the LORD, O sons of light!
    Extol Him in the highest height.
    Praise Him, His angels; from your post
    Praise God with all the heavenly host.
    You sun and moon, for seasons given,
    You shining stars aglow in heaven,
    You highest heights and cloudy sky,
    All praise the Name of God Most High.
  2. Let them with praise before Him stand,
    For they came forth at His command.
    By His decree, which will endure,
    He fixed their place for evermore.
    On earth praise God with great devotion,
    You creatures of the deepest ocean,
    You frost and snow, you fire and hail,
    And storm-winds that perform His will.
  3. Praise Him, you hills and mountains all,
    You fruit trees and you cedars tall;
    Wild beasts and cattle, creeping things,
    Praise Him with every bird that sings.
    Kings of the earth, with all its people,
    Princes and judges, strong and feeble,
    Young men and maidens, old and young,
    Come, praise the LORD with joyful song.
  4. Let them extol and magnify
    The LORD, whose Name alone is high,
    Whose honor earth and skies adorn.
    He has raised up His people’s horn
    And praise for Israel, His nation,
    Who worship Him with veneration,
    The flock He led from days of yore!
    Praise, praise the LORD for evermore!