Psalm 148

William Helder © 2006

  1. O praise the LORD! His name exalt!
    Praise Him from highest heaven’s vault.
    You angels, from your lofty post
    Praise Him with all the heavenly host.
    You sun and moon, you constellations,
    Shine forth your light in adoration;
    Join with the clouds as they ascend
    In praise and worship without end.
  2. Let them extol the LORD, for He
    Created them by His decree,
    And by a law that will endure
    He fixed their bounds for evermore.
    Let earth as well show Him devotion:
    Praise Him, you monsters in the oceans,
    You frost and snow, you fire and hail;
    Praise Him, you storms that do His will.
  3. Praise Him, you hills and mountains all,
    You fruit trees and you cedars tall;
    Wild beasts and cattle, creeping things,
    Praise Him with every bird that sings.
    You kings and princes, all the nations,
    You rulers of their populations,
    Young men and maidens, old and young,
    Come, praise the LORD with joyful song.
  4. Let all creation praise His name,
    Extol His all-surpassing fame.
    His glory covers earth and sky.
    He raised His people’s horn on high;
    His saints He blessed with praise and splendor,
    Showed Israel His mercy tender.
    Close to His heart He keeps His own.
    O praise the LORD! Praise Him alone!