Psalm 20

W. van der Kamp, 1972

  1. O may the LORD in days of trouble
    From Zion hear your cry,
    Protect you, scattering like stubble
    Those who His Name deny.
    May He recall your gifts of spices,
    And from His sanctuary
    With favor see your sacrifices
    And quell your adversary.
  2. May all your heart’s desire be granted
    And God fulfill your plans!
    May we the victory you wanted
    Extol with song and dance.
    He made your way and war victorious,
    And we, His Name professing,
    Will set up banners great and glorious.
    God crown your prayers with blessing.
  3. I know now that the LORD’s anointed
    Will with His help be blessed.
    The LORD hears whom He has appointed
    And grants him his request.
    Yes, from His heaven high and holy
    His right hand strong and mighty
    Shall stay the proud, exalt the lowly,
    And with great deeds delight me.
  4. Some boast of chariots, some of horses,
    But we boast in the Name
    Of Him who rules all heaven’s forces,
    Our LORD so great in fame.
    They will collapse and fall before us,
    But we shall rise undaunted.
    O LORD, make Thou the king victorious,
    That so our prayers be granted.