Psalm 23

William Helder, 1980 ©

  1. The LORD my Shepherd in His love defends me.
    I shall not want; in pastures green He tends me,
    Makes me lie down, His care and mercy showing;
    Leads me where peaceful streams are gently flowing.
    He for His Name’s sake surely will restore me;
    In paths of righteousness He goes before me.
  2. Though in death’s valley, lonely and forsaken,
    I am by gloom and shadows overtaken,
    I fear no evil: Thou art ever near me
    And in my grief and sorrow Thou dost hear me.
    Thy rod and staff, O God of my salvation,
    Shall comfort me in all my tribulation.
  3. Thy bounteous table Thou dost spread before me;
    My foes look on while Thou dost so restore me.
    My head Thou hast with soothing oil anointed;
    My cup runs over, for Thou hast appointed
    Goodness and mercy to forsake me never,
    And in Thy house, LORD, I shall dwell forever.