Psalm 23

William Helder © 1980, 2004

  1. The LORD my shepherd in His love defends me;
    I shall not want. In pastures green He tends me,
    Makes me lie down, His care and mercy showing;
    Leads me where peaceful streams are gently flowing.
    He for His name’s sake surely will restore me;
    In paths of righteousness He goes before me.
  2. Though in death’s valley, lonely and forsaken,
    I am by gloom and shadows overtaken,
    I fear no evil, for You are beside me;
    Through all the depths of sorrow You will guide me.
    You comfort me, O God of my salvation;
    Your rod and staff, they are my consolation.
  3. Your bounteous table You prepare before me,
    And all my foes look on while You restore me.
    My head You have with soothing oil anointed;
    My cup runs over, for You have appointed
    Goodness and mercy to forsake me never,
    And in Your house, LORD, I shall dwell forever.