Psalm 23

David Koyzis ©

  1. The Lord's my shepherd, close to me abiding.
    I nothing lack, for he is yet providing.
    In pastures green he lets me lie at leisure,
    By quiet waters leads me at his pleasure;
    There in his love he graciously revives me.
    For his name's sake in righteous ways he guides me.
  2. Though I be stalked by shadows fast approaching,
    Or valleys walk while darkness is encroaching,
    I will not fear, for evil cannot touch me;
    With you beside me foes may never crush me.
    Your rod and staff are there for my protection,
    They comfort me and offer sure direction.
  3. You spread your table richly to receive me
    Before my foes, who vainly would deceive me.
    Your precious oil anoints my head with kindness;
    My cup flows over with a heart of gladness.
    Goodness and mercy will forsake me never,
    And I will dwell in God's own house for ever.