Psalm 26

W. van der Kamp, 1972

  1. O vindicate me, LORD;
    Deceit I have abhorred;
    I’ve walked in my integrity.
    Thy law and word I favor;
    I did not halt or waver
    But constantly have trusted Thee.
  2. O LORD, in truth enshrined,
    Test Thou my heart and mind,
    Prove all my ways, examine me.
    Let me not fall and perish;
    Thy steadfast love I cherish,
    I walk in faithfulness to Thee.
  3. With fools I do not sit,
    I hate the hypocrite
    And evildoers’ company.
    My seat I’ve never taken
    With men who have forsaken
    The path of truth, made known by Thee.
  4. I, from all sin apart,
    In innocence of heart
    Will wash my hands and take my place.
    Around Thy altar singing,
    My voice with rapture ringing,
    I laud Thy wondrous deeds and grace.
  5. Thy praise I will record.
    I love Thy house, O LORD,
    The place where all Thy glories dwell.
    O let my voice not falter
    When I before Thy altar
    The wonders of Thy might retell.
  6. Sweep Thou me not away
    With those who disobey
    Thy holy law of truth and light,
    With men of blood and scoffers
    And with the man who offers
    His bribes to lure the weak from right.
  7. But I shall walk with Thee
    Who vindicatest me.
    My foot stands firm on level ground;
    In the great congregation
    I bless the LORD’s salvation;
    In praise of Him I shall abound.