Psalm 27

William Helder, 1980 ©

  1. God is my light, my refuge, my salvation.
    Whom shall I fear? The LORD comes to my aid.
    He is my strength in all my tribulation.
    Of whom shall I then ever be afraid?
    When foes who seek my life close in on me,
    They all shall stumble and in anguish flee;
    And though their armies should in war draw near,
    I’ll put my trust in Him; I will not fear.
  2. One thing have I desired of God as favor,
    That I may always in His temple dwell
    To view the beauty of the LORD my Savior
    And in His house to seek His holy will.
    For in the day of trouble and of strife
    He in His shelter will preserve my life.
    With in His tent He’ll keep me at His side;
    High on a rock He safety will pro vide.
  3. My head shall I lift up now with rejoicing
    Above the hostile forces round about,
    And in His tent, my jubilation voicing,
    My sacrifice I’ll bring with joyful shouts.
    I will extol the steadfast love of God
    And with melodious hymns His mercy laud.
    O hear me, LORD, when I cry out to Thee;
    Show me Thy grace and favor, answer me!
  4. “Seek ye My face.” O LORD, so Thou hast spoken,
    And in response my heart says unto Thee,
    “Thy count’nance do I seek in prayer unbroken.”
    Do not, O LORD, now hide Thy face from me.
    In anger turn Thy servant not away,
    Thou who hast ever been my help and stay.
    Forsake me not, for I on Thee rely;
    O God of my salvation, hear my cry!
  5. My father and my mother may forsake me:
    The LORD is faithful and His help is sure.
    Teach me Thy way. O LORD and Savior, take me,
    Lead me on pathways level and secure,
    For evildoers lie in wait for me.
    Hand me not over to their tyranny.
    False witnesses against me still arise;
    They breathe out malice and abusive lies.
  6. How I would have despaired in my affliction
    If I had not believed that in this life
    The LORD would show His goodness, His protection;
    I would have perished in my tears and strife.
    Wait for the LORD; be strong and undismayed.
    The LORD is faithful. Why then be afraid?
    Take courage, for His steadfast love is sure.
    Wait for the LORD; His mercy shall endure.