Psalm 3

William Helder © 2000, 2005

  1. How countless are my foes!
    O LORD, how many those
    Who rise up to accuse me,
    Who point at me and shout,
    “God will not help him out!”
    They with their taunts abuse me.
    But You, O LORD, will be
    A shield to cover me
    When I am faint and weary,
    For when you hear me sigh,
    You lift my head up high;
    You are my power and glory.
  2. I cry to God, and He
    From Zion answers me,
    Not leaving me forsaken.
    In Him I put my trust:
    I go to sleep, and rest
    Until at dawn I waken.
    By thousands I’m beset,
    But God will not forget
    To be my strength and tower.
    Though foes in fierce array
    Encircle me as prey,
    I do not fear their power.
  3. Arise, O God of might,
    And put my foes to flight.
    Let all their host be scattered!
    For You uphold my cause:
    You strike them on the jaws
    And leave their teeth all shattered.
    The LORD will ever be
    The one who sets us free
    When enemies oppress us.
    O God in whom we trust,
    In You shall we find rest.
    May You forever bless us.