Psalm 3

Paul Shuart, 1982

  1. O LORD, my enemies rise up to conquer me;
    They shower me with taunting.
    From every side they say that God has gone away
    While troubles still are mounting.
    But God is still my shield: He helps me on the field;
    God gives me back my glory.
    All through the long dark night my God takes up the fight,
    Holds back my foes before me.
  2. When I cry out to pray, God hears each word I say;
    He answers from his mountain.
    I rest and go to sleep and rise, for God will keep
    His own in his protection.
    Why should I ever fear the thousands who appear
    With evil to surround me?
    Why should I be afraid when God is still my aid
    To conquer those around me?
  3. Arise, O God, arise! I know you hear my cries,
    For all my foes are flying.
    Deliver me, O LORD; give them their sure reward
    For all their fierce defying.
    You strike those on the cheek who war against the meek,
    With hate and hurt oppressing.
    The godless are destroyed; your help alone has stood.
    O grant us, LORD, your blessing.