Psalm 3

Dewey Westra, 1931

  1. O LORD, how swiftly grows
    The number of my foes
    Who wantonly oppress me!
    Yes, multiplied are they
    That rise to my dismay,
    And day by day distress me.
    Though heavy my despair,
    They scornfully declare
    To my humiliation,
    That Thou, O God, no more
    Canst help me as before
    Or come to my salvation.
  2. But Thou, LORD, always art
    A shield about my heart,
    My hope and sure reliance.
    Thou, in the hour of dread,
    Dost lift my weary head,
    And biddest them defiance.
    Whene’er to God I cried,
    He hastened to my side
    In all my tribulations;
    From Zion’s mountain fair
    He looked on my despair
    And heard my supplications.
  3. When I lay down, I slept;
    I woke, for I was kept
    In His divine protection.
    The LORD was at my side,
    My safety He supplied,
    Whatever my affliction.
    Defended by His hand,
    I shall undaunted stand
    While thousands surge about me;
    Though furious foemen wage
    Their war with mighty rage,
    I know they shall not rout me.
  4. Arise and save me, LORD,
    For Thou hast smitten hard
    The jaws of them that hate me;
    Yes, Thou didst fiercely break
    For me Thy servant’s sake
    The teeth of the ungodly.
    I shall not suffer long,
    For my salvation strong
    Thou, O my LORD, providest.
    Thy people all will rest
    By Thee so richly blest,
    Since Thou with them abidest.