Psalm 30

W. van der Kamp, 1967; rev.

  1. I will extol Thee, LORD; Thy might
    Has raised me up to life and light.
    My foes rejoice not over me.
    O LORD my God, I cried to Thee,
    And Thou hast healed me, my Defender.
    To Thee my thanks and praise I render.
  2. O LORD, Thou hast brought up my soul
    From death’s abode, from dark Sheol.
    My life from failing Thou didst keep,
    Saved from the Pit, the lightless deep.
    Give thanks, you saints, lift up your faces,
    Bring to His holy Name your praises.
  3. His anger will not long endure,
    His favor all your life is sure.
    Though there be weeping for a night,
    Joy comes to greet the morning light.
    The LORD will change the dark of sorrow
    To song and laughter on the morrow.
  4. In my prosperity I thought
    My work would never come to nought,
    Unmindful that but by Thy grace
    I like a mountain held my place.
    When Thou didst hide Thy face I stumbled;
    I was dismayed, by troubles humbled.
  5. LORD, unto Thee I called in prayer,
    Well of my foolish pride aware;
    I cried, “Of what avail is it
    If I go down into the Pit?
    Shall ever dust with songs adore Thee,
    Declare Thy faithfulness and glory?
  6. “Hear Thou me as I seek Thy face;
    LORD, be my Helper, grant Thy grace.”
    My grief hast Thou to dancing turned.
    The sackcloth that my pride had earned
    Hast Thou put off; Thou dost with gladness
    Now gird me after days of sadness.
  7. Now shall my heart sing praise to Thee:
    Gone is the grief that silenced me.
    I may, delivered from despair,
    Now laud Thy Name in song and prayer.
    Forever, LORD, my God and Savior,
    Will I give thanks for Thy great favor.