Psalm 31

W. van der Kamp, 1967; rev.

  1. In Thee, O LORD, I’ve taken refuge.
    Let shame not cover me;
    I put my trust in Thee.
    Come in Thy righteousness and save me
    From those who do not fear Thee;
    My God and Helper, hear me.
  2. O LORD, come quickly to my rescue;
    Be Thou my rock and tower.
    To save me show Thy power;
    Thou art my rock and mighty fortress.
    Be Thou my Guide and heed me,
    And for Thy Name’s sake lead me.
  3. Out of the net that they have hidden
    Set Thou me free, I pray.
    O LORD, do not delay.
    Into Thy hands I give my spirit;
    I’m ransomed by Thy favor,
    LORD, God of truth, my Savior!
  4. I hate all those by whom vain idols
    Are worshipped and adored,
    For I trust in the LORD.
    I will be glad and sing Thy praises,
    My exultation voicing
    While in Thy love rejoicing.
  5. Thou, seeing my distress and anguish,
    Hast come to set me free,
    Didst not deliver me
    Into the hands of those who hate me.
    Thou hast set, LORD so gracious,
    My feet in spacious places.
  6. In my affliction, LORD, show mercy.
    My eyes are dimmed with grief;
    My soul yearns for relief;
    My life is spent in pain and sorrow.
    See how my strength is failing,
    For I am weak and ailing.
  7. I am the scorn of all my haters;
    My neighbors jest and jeer;
    Friends flee from me in fear.
    I have become a broken vessel;
    I’m like the dead, neglected,
    Forgotten and rejected.
  8. I hear the slander all around me;
    Fear stands on every side,
    And many me deride.
    Against my life they are conspiring;
    Their hatred is unbounded.
    By plots I am surrounded.
  9. But yet in Thee, O LORD, I’ve trusted;
    With Thee, my God, I’ll stand.
    My times are in Thy hand;
    Deliver me from all my haters.
    Let me no longer languish
    In my distress and anguish.
  10. Make Thou Thy face to shine upon me;
    Let me not suffer shame,
    For I call on Thy Name.
    But let my foes with shame be covered;
    Let those who me surrounded
    Go to the grave dumbfounded.
  11. Let lying lips be dumb and speechless,
    For with contempt and pride
    Thy servant they deride.
    Hear how my haters, bold and haughty,
    With joy to evil pander,
    How they the righteous slander!
  12. O how abundant is Thy goodness,
    Which is reserved for all
    Who fear Thee and recall
    What Thou hast done for those who serve Thee,
    And all who have oppressed them
    Shall see that Thou hast blessed them.
  13. Thou in the shelter of Thy presence
    Securely hidest them
    From the intrigues of men;
    They find a refuge in Thy dwelling
    Far from all strife and slander,
    For Thou art their Defender.
  14. I praise Thee, LORD, for all Thy mercy,
    Thy wondrous love for me.
    I felt cut off from Thee
    When foes besieged me like a city,
    But Thou in tribulation
    Didst hear my supplication.
  15. O love the LORD, all you His people!
    The faithful He will spare,
    The proud He’ll give their share.
    Be strong and let your heart take courage.
    His own He will deliver;
    He will forsake you never.