Psalm 32

William Helder, 1980 ©

  1. Blest is the man whose trespass is forgiven,
    Whose sins are covered in the sight of heaven.
    Blest is the man against whom, LORD, Thou wilt
    Not count all his iniquity and guilt.
    How happy he, contrite of heart and lowly,
    Who has confessed his sins, O LORD most holy;
    Who does not secretly Thy laws transgress,
    Whose spirit harbors no deceitfulness.
  2. When I kept silent, sinful ways condoning,
    I pined away through my incessant groaning.
    Thy hand weighed down on me in my deceit;
    My strength was sapped as by the summer’s heat.
    To Thee, O God of justice and compassion,
    I then at last acknowledged my transgression.
    I said, “I will confess my sins to Thee,”
    And all my guilt Thou hast forgiven me.
  3. Let all the godly when they grieve and suffer
    To Thee, O LORD, their supplications offer.
    Surely when floods of mighty waters rise,
    They shall not reach him who on Thee relies.
    Thou art a hiding-place for those who serve Thee;
    Thou, mighty God, from trouble dost preserve me.
    Songs of deliv’rance everywhere resound:
    Thou me with great rejoicing dost surround.
  4. I will instruct you, with my aid provide you,
    And in the way that you should go will guide you.
    My counsel will be ever at your side,
    And, keeping watch, I will with you abide.
    Be not a fool, who has no understanding;
    Do not behave like horse or mule, depending
    On bit and bridle to control their course;
    They disobey unless restrained by force.
  5. With many woes the wicked are afflicted,
    But he who trusts in God is well protected;
    Him will the LORD with steadfast love surround.
    Those who revere Him are with mercy crowned.
    Be glad, O righteous, in the LORD rejoicing;
    Exult in Him, your jubilation voicing,
    For light and life He will to you impart.
    Now shout for joy, you men of upright heart.