Psalm 34

William Helder, 1980 ©

  1. The LORD I will extol,
    At all times bless His holy Name.
    I will not cease to sing His praise;
    His goodness I proclaim.
    I glory in the LORD;
    Let the afflicted hear my voice.
    O magnify the LORD with me!
    With me in Him rejoice.
  2. I sought the LORD in prayer;
    He heard my cry and answered me.
    From all my worries and my fears
    The LORD has set me free.
    Those who on Him rely
    Will never hang their heads in shame.
    When this poor man implored His aid,
    The LORD delivered him.
  3. The Angel of the LORD
    Always encamps around all those
    Who fear Him and exalt His Name;
    God saves them from their woes.
    O come, then, taste and see
    That He, the LORD, is good and just.
    Blest is the man who turns to Him
    And puts in Him his trust.
  4. All you who are His saints,
    Revere the LORD and worship Him,
    For those who fear Him have no want;
    He richly blesses them.
    Though lions may grow faint
    And pangs of hunger may endure,
    Those seeking Him lack no good thing;
    In Him they rest secure.
  5. Come, children, hear my voice;
    You I will teach to fear the LORD.
    Who is the man desiring life,
    Its pleasures and rewards?
    Keep then your tongue from wrong
    And let your lips no falsehood speak.
    Depart from evil and do good;
    True peace and concord seek.
  6. The LORD from heaven above
    Regards the righteous with His eyes,
    And when they call on Him, His ears
    Are open to their cries.
    But evildoers all
    The anger of the LORD must face;
    He cuts them off, and from the earth
    Their name He will erase.
  7. But when the righteous cry,
    The LORD in mercy hears their pleas;
    He graciously delivers them
    From all their miseries.
    The LORD is always near;
    The broken-hearted He will heal.
    Those crushed in spirit He will save,
    To them His love re veal.
  8. The righteous man may grieve;
    He many troubles may endure.
    The LORD will free him from them all;
    His help is ever sure.
    Why should he then despair?
    God keeps his bones from injury;
    Not one of them will come to harm,
    For great and good is He!
  9. Their countless evil deeds
    Will slay the wicked in the end.
    All those who hate the righteous ones
    He’ll to perdition send.
    The LORD redeems the life
    Of those who serve and honor Him;
    All who in Him their refuge take
    He never will condemn.