Psalm 36

W. van der Kamp, 1972

  1. He who in evil does rejoice
    Hears in his heart a wicked voice;
    It whispers and it flatters.
    It lures him on, and he obeys
    Till from Thy fear, O LORD, he strays
    And him Thy anger shatters.
    His words are lies, his wisdom gone;
    All his transgressions urge him on,
    He does their will with pleasure.
    Upon his bed he plans deceit,
    On ways of sin he sets his feet,
    His evil is his treasure.
  2. Thy love and faithfulness extend
    Wherever Thou to heaven’s end
    Thy righteous scepter wieldest.
    Thy judgment is a secret deep,
    Thy justice like God’s mountains steep,
    And man and beast Thou shieldest.
    Of Thy great mercy heaven sings
    For in the shadow of Thy wings
    No son of man shall perish.
    Thou shalt them to Thy feasts invite,
    They drink from streams of Thy delight,
    Thy precious love they cherish.
  3. Life’s fountain is, O LORD, with Thee
    , And in Thy light the light we see;
    Let right and mercy tarry
    With them who fear Thy faithful Name;
    Put Thou the enemies to shame,
    Let all their schemes miscarry.
    Save Thou me for Thy mercy’s sake,
    Let not the proud me overtake,
    Nor from Thy covenant sever.
    O people, praise your God and see
    The workers of iniquity
    Who are cast down forever!