Psalm 38

Book of Psalms for Singing, 1973

  1. LORD, do not in indignation
    Chide and chasten,
    Nor Your hot displeasure show.
    Deeply have Your arrows pierced me.
    Down upon me
    Your hand pressed and crushed me low.
  2. Filled with sickness is my body
    ‘Neath Your fury;
    Sin has kept my bones from rest.
    My iniquities rise o’er me,
    High and heavy;
    Under their great weight I’m pressed.
  3. Loathsome wounds infect my body;
    By my folly
    I am bent and bowed down low.
    All day long I go on mourn-ing,
    Filled with burning,
    My whole body sick with woe.
  4. I am bruised, benumbed, and dying,
    Weak from sighing
    At the murm’ring of my heart.
    O Lord, You know all my longing,
    All my sighing;
    No groan kept from You apart.
  5. Fearful now my heart throbs wildly;
    My strength leaves me;
    All the light of my eyes fails.
    Friends and loved ones act offended;
    All my kindred
    Stand off while my plague prevails.
  6. Foes are seeking to ensnare me;
    They would kill me.
    They plot treachery all day.
    As though deaf, I do not listen.
    I say nothing,
    Never argue, silent stay.
  7. LORD, You are the One I wait for.
    You will answer!
    Lord, my God, my hope abide.
    Keep them from rejoicing o’er me
    Let none gloat when my feet slide.
  8. Always I’m about to stumble,
    Grieving, humble.
    I confess iniquity;
    I distressed am from my error.
    Foes have vigor;
    Many hate me wrongfully.
  9. For my good they evil pay me,
    Hostile toward me.
    O forsake me not, O LORD!
    O my God, be not far from me;
    Haste to help me!
    Be my sure salvation, Lord.