Psalm 38

William Helder, 1980 ©

  1. LORD, rebuke me not in anger,
    And no longer
    Let Thy wrath on me descend.
    Thou hast pierced me with Thy arrows,
    Brought me sorrows,
    Bowed me down with Thy own hand.
  2. Thou hast of all strength bereft me;
    Health has left me,
    And Thy wrath is my despair;
    My iniquities distress me
    And oppress me;
    They are more than I can bear.
  3. All my wounds are foul and reeking;
    Ever weakening,
    I am utterly bowed down.
    Bitter fruits of folly reaping,
    I go weeping,
    For my vigor is all gone.
  4. I am crushed and numb with anguish
    As I languish,
    And I groan in misery.
    Thou dost hear my mournful crying,
    And my sighing
    Is not hidden, LORD, from Thee.
  5. How my pounding heart is straining;
    Strength is waning,
    And my eyes are failing me.
    I am by my friends neglected
    And rejected;
    Kinsmen see my plague and flee.
  6. Those who lie in wait to snare me
    Will not spare me
    All the mischief they devise.
    Seeming deaf and dumb before them,
    I ignore them
    And I offer no replies.
  7. Thou, O LORD my God, wilt hear me
    And be near me;
    Thou, O LORD, wilt heed my voice.
    Though my foot may slip and waver,
    Show Thy favor
    And let not my foes rejoice.
  8. I am prone to fall or stumble,
    And I tremble,
    Thinking of my grief and pain.
    I acknowledge my transgression
    In confession,
    Deeply troubled by my sin.
  9. Countless mighty foes berate me,
    Fiercely hate me;
    Without cause I am oppressed.
    Ill for good they always render;
    Me they slander
    Since I strive for what is best.
  10. LORD, forsake me not but hear me;
    Be Thou near me
    As my help and shield, I pray.
    Hasten to my aid, O Savior;
    Show Thy favor.
    O my God, do not delay.