Psalm 4

William Helder, 1980 ©

  1. God of my right, show me Thy answer
    When I in prayer cry out to Thee!
    Thou hast in sorrow and privation
    Bestowed relief and consolation.
    Be gracious now and hear my plea.
    O man, how long will you continue
    To turn my honor into shame?
    How long yet will you seek and follow
    All things deceitful, vain, and hollow?
    How long will you revile my Name?
  2. Know that the LORD in His good pleasure
    Has set the righteous ones apart
    To be His own, His chosen nation.
    He therefore hears my supplication;
    He takes my misery to heart.
    Be angry, but refrain from evil;
    Commune within your heart, be still.
    At all times bring right sacrifices.
    Rely not on your own devices:
    Trust in the LORD and heed His will.
  3. How many sigh with heartfelt longing,
    “If only we some good might see!”
    O LORD, reveal Thy light and splendor
    And show Thyself the strong Defender
    Of all who put their trust in Thee!
    More joy hast Thou to me imparted
    Than others have whose goods increase,
    Who in their grain and wine take pleasure.
    Thee do I as my refuge treasure:
    I will lie down and sleep in peace.