Psalm 4

William Helder © 1980, 2001

  1. O righteous God of my salvation,
    Be merciful and hear my plea!
    In times of trouble or oppression
    You sent me help and consolation.
    Be gracious now and answer me!
    How long, O men, will you bring sorrow
    And turn my honor into shame?
    How long yet will you love and follow
    Lies and illusions, vain and hollow?
    How long will you revile my name?
  2. Know that the LORD in His good pleasure
    Has set the righteous ones apart:
    He claims me as His own, His treasure.
    In mercy great beyond all measure,
    He takes my misery to heart.
    Do not let wrath breed sin and violence.
    Restrain your anger and be still;
    Lie down to meditate in silence.
    Place in the LORD your sole reliance.
    Bring Him your off’rings. Do His will.
  3. So many sigh, “O who will ever
    Show any good to us again?”
    O LORD whose mercy fails us never,
    Bestow on us Your love, Your favour,
    And cause Your face on us to shine.
    More joy and gladness You have sent me
    Than all the joy of those who feast
    On grain and wine in days of plenty.
    LORD, in the safety that You grant me,
    I sleep in peace, from cares released.